Frequently Asked Questions:

  • We have a specific criteria that we look for in order to provide this complimentary branded travel website.
  • You must be a Membership-Based Organization or an Employer with 500 or more members/employees.
  • You must have an existing website for your organization
  • Please contact us to schedule a demo
  • None! We know what you’re thinking; pretty impressive!
  • We want to ensure that only members/employees are able to access the travel website (*available to friends and family to also receive the travel benefits when traveling with a member/employee that has access)
  • Group departures are exclusively for members of the organization to be able to see
  • It enables us to be able to publish exclusive offers that aren’t available to the general public

Trip Merchant works hard to build relationships and negotiate reduced rates with many different travel suppliers

  • We recognize that many travellers have a variety of interests. We feature an array of travel styles such as;
  • Ocean Cruises
  • River Cruises
  • Rail Journeys
  • Guided Vacations
  • Adventure & Active Travel
  • And more!


To find out more… Request a Demo here.

This is easy. Just let us know what type of trip you’re interested in offering and the Trip Merchant team will package it together for you, and promote it on your travel website.

  • Yes! Anytime someone books a trip that is featured on the site they will receive loyalty dollars and their own loyalty account.
  • All the details of the loyalty program are featured on your dedicated travel website for members/employees to view.
  • These loyalty dollars are over and above any existing loyalty program that are offered by any of our travel partners.
  • We have a section devoted to solo travel (where they offer single friendly programs with no single supplement)
  • By offering group travel opportunities on the website, those single travellers can request a travel companion by noting that on their submission form
  • Yes we are; if requested with enough notice. We will make every effort to attend in person.
  • We’re also able to do presentations via a webinar (online presentation)
  • Yes, absolutely!
  • We have an online submission form for members to share these experiences and we will publish them so that other members will also be able enjoy them.
  • We build, host and manage the travel website entirely on your behalf. This includes updating the site with new offers, group departures, travel e-newsletters, travel news & tips, videos and other travel related services
  • We will continuously upgrade the site with new technology to always ensure a seamless user experience  
  • Your only responsibility is to have a link from your main website to your dedicated Trip Merchant travel website
  • Also to make your membership/employees aware of it through your own internal communications
  • Trip Merchant bears considerable expense in providing and maintaining these travel websites. In order for Trip Merchant to recoup its investment the travel website needs to actively used by the membership.