Membership-Based Organizations

Perfect for Organizations Whose Members are Interested in Travelling and Sharing Their Own Experiences


Membership-Based Organizations


Trip Merchant provides numerous features and benefits to make your travel program a success!

  • Features & Benefits

    • Free Branded Travel Website Platform that is password protected for your members only access
    • Enhances your value proposition by providing your members with exclusive membership savings that are negotiated by Trip Merchant with a wide variety of travel suppliers, whom represent different travel styles in order to accommodate many diverse interests
    • Trip Merchant manages all the content on the site on your behalf (requiring no time commitment from any of your staff members)
    • Provides an avenue of communication where members have the opportunity to travel with other members by organizing group trips and promoting them within your organization (ie an annual group trip)
    • Members that want to organize their own group trips can also submit their content to us and we can add those trips to the site
    • Opportunities for members that are ‘single’ to match up with other travel companions within your organization
    • Access to Travel Suppliers to do presentations either online or at an event as guest speakers
    • Free Trip Giveaways
    • Loyalty Program to provide members with additional travel rewards
    • The latest travel news to keep your members informed and up to date
    • Videos and Travel Tips
    • Build a strong sense of community and overall affinity within the organization

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Membership-Based Organizations Benefits

Free Branded Travel Website

Loyalty Program

Increase Engagement

Password Protected/Members Only Access

Exclusive Membership Savings

Increase Membership Size

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